A Diverse Team of Family Office Experts

Serving High-Net-Worth and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Entrepreneurs, Families, and Businesses.

With our network of trusted experts, BrookHaven’s Family Office provides comprehensive services for financial planning, investment management, tax planning, estate planning, and more. Our cohesive suite of family services embraces complex situations and proactively solves problems—mitigating risk and protecting your wealth.

Private Wealth Management⁣

Through our top-tier experts, BrookHaven™ assists with personalized investment strategies, tailored portfolio management, and proactive financial guidance.

Tax Strategy & Compliance Reporting⁣

Our experts ensure compliance with tax regulations and provide comprehensive reporting to minimize liabilities and maximize savings.

Asset Protection⁣

Together with our top-tier experts, our proactive asset protection strategies safeguard your wealth, ensuring its preservation for future generations.

Trust & Family Governance Strategies⁣

Our expertly driven trust structures and family governance strategies preserve and grow your wealth.

Cashflow Management & Financial Reporting

Our proactive and efficient cash flow management and financial reporting services optimize your financial resources.

Philanthropic & Legacy Planning⁣

We collaborate with you to develop strategic philanthropic initiatives that align with your values, maximizing the impact of your charitable contributions and legacy wishes.

Next-Gen Wealth Transfer & Gifting Strategies⁣

Our comprehensive wealth transfer and gifting strategies navigate complex tax implications and implement effective succession planning with efficiency and expertise.

Nex-Gen Career Planning & Education⁣

Our in-depth career planning and education services set your family’s future generations on a track made for success.

Personal CFO Services

Our robust personal CFO services provide comprehensive financial oversight, budgeting, bill payment, and financial coordination.

Liquidity & Exit Planning

Maximize the value of your business or assets with our liquidity and exit planning strategies designed for smooth transitions and financial success.

Advanced Insurance Solutions

We assess your unique risk profile and collaborate with you to build customized strategies that mitigate risk, enhance security, and protect your wealth.

Privacy Enhancement

We implement comprehensive strategies to maintain confidentiality, delivering privacy and protection.

Personal Bill Pay⁣

With a commitment to timeliness and accurate record-keeping, we simplify your job by handling the management of your bills.

Private Aviation

We assist with aircraft acquisition, management and charter, providing seamless travel experiences tailored to you.

Cryptocurrency Tax Compliance & Trust Planning

Our experts provide comprehensive tax compliance solutions and assist in establishing robust trust structures for managing your cryptocurrency digital assets.

Credit & Lending Solutions⁣

Our experts help you secure competitive financing options, optimizing your borrowing capabilities and effectively managing debt.

Private Banking

Collectively with our top-tier experts, our private banking solutions offer exclusive access to a range of banking services, including wealth management, investment opportunities, and specialized financial products.

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